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Work Experience

Students in 6th form have been very busy in the World of Work. There is a wide variety of placements for all students with some travelling independently to and from their placements. We are very proud of their achievements.

W H Smith

W H Smith 1
W H Smith 2
W H Smith 3
W H Smith 4


Morplan 1
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Morplan 5
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Morplan 19

Cafe Goodman

Cafe Goodman 1
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Peter Pan Preschool

Peter Pan Preschool 1
Peter Pan Preschool 2
Peter Pan Preschool 3
Peter Pan Preschool 4
Peter Pan Preschool 5
Peter Pan Preschool 6
Peter Pan Preschool 7
Peter Pan Preschool 8
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Pets Corner

Pets Corner 1
Pets Corner 2
Pets Corner 3
Pets Corner 4

Salvation Army Tea and Toggs Sale

Salvation Army Tea and Toggs Sale 1
Salvation Army Tea and Toggs Sale 2
Salvation Army Tea and Toggs Sale 3
Salvation Army Tea and Toggs Sale 4

St Elizabeth's Charity Shop

St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 1
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 2
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 3
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 4
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 5
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 6
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 7
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 8
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 9
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 10
St Elizabeth's Charity Shop 11

6th From Work Experience Group Visit to Pets Corner 23rd May 2018

All the students on the trip had a great day, we met the Education advisor, Pauline, who took us on an interesting tour of Pets Corner and told us lots about all the different animals they care for. For example they learnt about the sheep, what the blue numbers mean on their backs, how they have their ears clipped in order to identify them, they learnt what happens when the shearer comes and how their coats get manufactured into wool. They saw the feed barn where all the different types of feed are kept. They students were shown Alpacas, Llamas, Pigs , Reindeer, various birds and fish, and much more.

The students had the opportunity to ‘pet’ various animals Guinea pigs, rabbits, a goat and a bearded iguana. Pauline also told us what the staff do in their jobs. Lots of interesting questions were asked and whilst they enjoyed the animals they also learnt what a lot of hard work it is to work with animals, as they saw pens being ‘mucked out’ and learnt how staff have to work through the night during lambing season.

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