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Spring Term


This spring we have been looking at natural wonders. This has included rocks, caves, hills and oceans. The class got very apt at describing what they could see and how things looked. Through discussion the students were able to turn their words into short sentences; they came up with some beautiful descriptions. Students saw “a zillion fish that looked like fire” (Oliver), “the diving seagulls looked like asteroids (Oliver)” and “the jellyfish were flowing (Cosmin) squiggles (Lee)”.


Lizzie gave us the equipment to make jellyfish for our display. We used coffee filters; which the students coloured with felt pens, sprayed with water, stuffed with paper, glued together and added tentacles. The colours ran into each other when they were wet and looked beautiful on our display.

Picture 1 Choosing colour felts
Picture 2 Choosing colours
Picture 3 Colouring and naming jellyfish
Picture 4 Colouring
Picture 5 Spraying with water
Picture 6 Leaving it to dry
Picture 7 Screwing up some paper
Picture 8 Screwing up some paper
Picture 9 Pushing the two sides together
Picture 10 Cutting a spiral
Picture 11 Gluing the spiral to the jellyfish
Picture 12 Gluing tentacles to the jellyfish


Our science lessons have been based around light and dark. The class explored the terms transparent, translucent and opaque.  They identified different objects that fitted each criterion and showed them to the rest of the class. Yasin chose a book as his opaque object, whilst others looked through windows or water bottles.


The students learnt that we need light and an object to block the light to make a shadow. They enjoyed finding and making shadows inside and out. Sometimes they used themselves or their hands to make patterns. When Lee was on the playground he noticed that he had two shadows “shadows everywhere.”

Picture 1 Looking at shadows
Picture 2 A line of shadows
Picture 3 Making shadows in the corridor
Picture 4 Sorting light sources
Picture 5 Picking up an opaque object
Picture 6 Shadow silhouette
Picture 7 Making a shadow puppet bird
Picture 8 Making a heart shadow

Autumn Term

Horse Riding

This autumn, the majority of Stort class have been horse riding. Some of the students have previous experience and are confident to mount and hold the reins with no support. These students have been practising their balancing skills; by leaning to touch the horses’ ears and tail, stretching out their arms and keeping a bean bag on their head whilst riding. They have learnt to sit up straight, and instruct the horse to move, turn and stop. For others this is their first time and they are getting used to being near a horse; touching, stroking or sitting on one.

Picture 1 Chloe on Riot
Picture 2 Cosmin riding Bubbles
Picture 3 Harrison riding Riot - first time rider
Picture 4 Lee getting on Riot
Picture 5 Lee touching Riot's tail
Picture 6 Lewis riding Maple
Picture 7 Maisie riding Bubbles - first time rider
Picture 8 Oliver on Riot stepping over poles
Picture 9 Yasin on Bubbles - first time rider

Food Technology

Picture 1
Picture 2