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Sixth Form Residential

Belchamps Activity Centre

After arriving safely at Belchamps Activity Centre in Southend, we settled into our rooms. We enjoyed hot dogs for lunch and cake for dessert. 


We split into two groups for our first activities: Team Building and Mini Crossbows. After a dinner of spaghetti bolognaise, we then had a while for some free time. In the evening we did some funny races in our Mini Olympics, including racing like a chicken!

Mini Crossbow

Mini Crossbow 1
Mini Crossbow 2
Mini Crossbow 3
Mini Crossbow 4
Mini Crossbow 5
Mini Crossbow 6
Mini Crossbow 7
Mini Crossbow 8
On Tuesday we started the day well with pancakes for breakfast. We had two activities in the morning; Demolition Derby and Bungee Run. After our hot dog lunch, we did bridge building and swing building and some groups did climbing and the traversing wall. For dinner we had a Cinema set up and we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, with some popcorn and sweets.

Bungee Run

Bungee Run 1
Bungee Run 2
Bungee Run 3
Bungee Run 4
Bungee Run 5
Bungee Run 6
Bungee Run 7
Bungee Run 8
Bungee Run 9
Bungee Run 10
Bungee Run 11
Bungee Run 12
Bungee Run 13

Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby 1
Demolition Derby 2
Demolition Derby 3
Demolition Derby 4
Demolition Derby 5
Demolition Derby 6
Demolition Derby 7
Demolition Derby 8


Climbing 1
Climbing 2
Climbing 3
Climbing 4
Climbing 5

Bridge Building

Bridge Building 1
Bridge Building 2
Bridge Building 3
Bridge Building 4

Swing Building

Swing Building 1
Swing Building 2
Swing Building 3
Swing Building 4
Swing Building 5
Swing Building 6


Climbing 1
Climbing 2
Climbing 3
Climbing 4
Climbing 5
Climbing 6
Climbing 7
Climbing 8

Traversing Wall

Traversing Wall 1
Traversing Wall 2
Traversing Wall 3
Traversing Wall 4
Wednesday started out with scrambled eggs on toast. Our activities included Rifle Shooting, Crate Stacking, Water Zorbing, Gladiators and Shelter Building. For lunch we had a roast pork and gravy bap and for dinner we had barbecue meat with salad. In the evening, one group did Uni Hoc and the other did Boxing, before having our hot chocolate and biscuits before bed.

Rifle Shooting

Rifle Shooting 1
Rifle Shooting 2
Rifle Shooting 3
Rifle Shooting 4


Boxing 1
Boxing 2
Boxing 3
Boxing 4
Boxing 5
Boxing 6
Boxing 7
Boxing 8
Boxing 9

Crate Stacking

Crate Stacking 1
Crate Stacking 2
Crate Stacking 3
Crate Stacking 4
Crate Stacking 5
Crate Stacking 6
Crate Stacking 7
Crate Stacking 8
Crate Stacking 9
Crate Stacking 10
Crate Stacking 11
Crate Stacking 12
Crate Stacking 13
Crate Stacking 14
Crate Stacking 15
Crate Stacking 16


Gladiators 1
Gladiators 2
Gladiators 3
Gladiators 4
Gladiators 5

Shelter Building

Shelter Building 1
Shelter Building 2
Shelter Building 3
Shelter Building 4
Shelter Building 5
Shelter Building 6
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Thursday’s breakfast was potato waffles and spaghetti hoops. We managed to fit in two activities in the morning before heading off to Southend for the Sea Life Centre. We had our packed lunch when we arrived and then went to see the fish and other animals. There were many different types of fish (we were on the look-out for Nemo and Dory in particular) as well as penguins, otters and meerkats. The rays poking their noses out of the top of the tanks were funny and the walk through tunnel with the sharks was exciting! After the Sea Life Centre, we walked along the sea front to one of the arcades, where the 2p machines were the most popular. Some people even managed to win a keyring or bracelet! We then went to the fish and chip restaurant where we ate outside and even got given some free doughnuts! It was then time to head back to Belchamps for our evening bonfire where we learnt lots of songs and dances (and everyone had a chance to “show us how you bungalow!”). We ate toasted marshmallows and icecream and the staff read out everyone’s award for the week (Superwoman of the week, Mother of the Week, Party Animal of the Week etc.)

Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Centre 1
Sea Life Centre 2
Sea Life Centre 3
Sea Life Centre 4
Sea Life Centre 5
Sea Life Centre 6
Sea Life Centre 7
Sea Life Centre 8
Sea Life Centre 9
Sea Life Centre 10
Sea Life Centre 11
Sea Life Centre 12
Sea Life Centre 13
Sea Life Centre 14
Sea Life Centre 15
Sea Life Centre 16
Sea Life Centre 17
Sea Life Centre 18
Sea Life Centre 19
Sea Life Centre 20
Sea Life Centre 21
Sea Life Centre 22
Sea Life Centre 23
Sea Life Centre 24
Sea Life Centre 25
Sea Life Centre 26
Sea Life Centre 27


Bonfire 1
Bonfire 2
Bonfire 3
Bonfire 4
Bonfire 5
Bonfire 6
Bonfire 7
Bonfire 8
Bonfire 9
Bonfire 10
Bonfire 11
Bonfire 12


Archery 1
Archery 2
Archery 3
Archery 4
Archery 5
Archery 6
Archery 7
Archery 8
Archery 9
Archery 10
Archery 11
Archery 12
Archery 13
Archery 14
Archery 15
Archery 16
Archery 17

Pedal Cars

Pedal Cars 1
Pedal Cars 2
Pedal Cars 3
Pedal Cars 4
Pedal Cars 5
Pedal Cars 6
Pedal Cars 7
Pedal Cars 8
Pedal Cars 9
Pedal Cars 10
Pedal Cars 11
Pedal Cars 12
Pedal Cars 13

We started our last day with sausage and baked beans for breakfast. We did archery and pedal car racing before packing our bags and loading up the buses. We then had a cold buffet lunch before saying goodbye to our activity instructors and heading back to school.


It has been such a fantastic week and all the staff are really proud of how well the students have done. Everyone has been so polite, helpful and supportive to their friends as well as giving every activity a go and having fun. Well done Sixth Formers, it has been a pleasure!