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Outdoor Pursuits

The students enjoy going to the outdoor pursuits centre every Friday morning.

They take part in various activities which encourage students to gain confidence and work together as a team.  All the students really strive to challenge themselves and enjoy all the activities set before them.  The students encourage each other and have fun at the same time.

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We have been using Harlow Outdoors for a number of years now. The students take part in a series of 10 weekly sessions each year during their three years in 6th Form.

We view these sessions as a valuable opportunity to put into practice the personal and social skills discussed as part of our curriculum.


Harlow Outdoors is fantastic at ensuring the activities are accessible to all our students, whatever their need. It supports our focus on healthy lifestyles and increasing exercise, as well as challenging students to try something new and ‘scary’.


Students have to work cooperatively, listen and follow instructions and organise themselves and their equipment – all valuable skills. They get the opportunity to work with a wider variety of staff and adults, often being more willing to talk to a new face when they are excited. All our students talk about their sense of pride and achievement when they complete something they were nervous about or felt was too difficult.


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