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Autumn Half Term Activities and Events

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Essex Short Breaks

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Cineworld Harlow Autism Friendly Screenings


Cineworld Harlow hold an Autism Friendly screening of a children's film on the first Sunday of every month.  This includes features such as quieter volume, lighting remaining on, bring your own food and a friendly environment that is judgement free.  See their website for more details and to find out about the next month's film.

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Autism Friendly and Additional Needs Shopping

Toys 'R' Us Harlow occasionally hold Autism Friendly and Additional Needs Shopping Events. Keep an eye on our Calendar page for future events.

Dimmed lights, low noise (no music or tannoy) and autism friendly signage are just some of the initiatives to ensure a more calming experience in store, especially for those families who find large stores a little unnerving.

The store opens at 10am, but tills don't open until 11am. The staff are happy to put aside trolleys for those that would prefer to come back later to pay for items.

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